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Restaurant Sukhothai Bukit Beruntung

You will find easily to spot this restaurant which literally located near to exit of Bukit Beruntung toll.

Situated in lushly windy place, the atmosphere at Sukhothai Restaurant is serene, relaxed and casual.

Sensational local and Thai food complimented by the great location, alfresco dining and elegant modern setting make our restaurant is perfect location for intimate occasion or warm gathering of family, friends and associates.

Alami kelainan dan keistimewaan masakan dari chef yang kami bawa khas dari Thailand bagi menjaminkan Citarasa Thai Sebenar!.

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3 / 21 /201312:11 PM
Restaurant Operasi

Waktu Perniagaan: Masakan Melayu: 7.30am – 3.00 pm. Masakan Asli Thai:

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3 / 29 /201208:47 PM
Map to Sukhothai Restaurant

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